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RDT, Molecular, ELISA types of test kit 

1. Rapid Diagnostic Test (Antigen)

FDA EUA, CE Certified

In Vitro Diagnostic medical device test for the presence or absence of Corona virus antigen in nasal or NP swab specimens using immunochromatography.​


  • Fast and easy to use in POC estting

  • Qualitatively detect the SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein

  • Test results in 10min or less

  • No Special equipment or expert required 

  • Using Nasal or NP swab sample


2. Molecular Test (RT-PCR) 

The reverse transcription (RT) and qPCR step are both conducted in the same reaction well. As the specific sequence is amplified, the taqman probe hybridized to the target is dissociated to generate fluorescence.


  • Detect two gene regions

  • Preventing contamination using the UDG(Uracil-DNA Glycosylase System)

  • Amplification efficiency 

  • Reaction time within 83min. 


Wellsbio PCR specification.png

3. ELISA Test (Saliva Antigen, NAb, Antibody) 

흰 플레이트+손.png


AE301~303 Principle.png

CE Certified

The ACCEL ELISA® is a platform that allows COVID-19 testing. Integrated new ELISA technology for faster diagnosis with higher sensitivity compared to the conventional ELISA, by maximized reaction area and coated with various markers that have been provided from biotech companies and renowned research institutes. Specimen types can be used, including blood and saliva.

2020-11-17 16;42;40.PNG
Well pic.jpg

"Starbust" the unique well design offers a 68% increased in surface area compared to commercial ELSIA plates.



  • Fast & Simple Process

  • Eliminate testing bottlenecks

  • Most cost-effective for mass screening

  • Simple or existing instruments for testing


Saliva Antigen Test Kit

AE302 performance.png

Neutralizing Antibody Test Kit

AE303 Performance.png

Antibody Test Kit

AE301 Performace.png
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