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Hand Cleaning Gel+

Product detail

Contains Lipaside™ UG

Protects the skin from various harmful environments including bacteria and contains plant-based ingredients. It is a hand wash product suitable for sensitive skin.
Easy to maintain cleanliness with different types of container.

손소독제 타입.png

Plant based ingredients

Skin Cleansing+Acid-Balanced Ingredients+Skin Balancing effect

When the skin is attacked by harmful substances such as germs, LIPACIDE™UG restores and maintains the acidic membrane of the skin to control the skin’s natural ecosystem to increase the skin balancing effect

손소톡제 첨가물_영문.png

Test Performance/Analysis

 C3 Hand Cleaning Gel Antibacterial Test

The use of C3 Hand Cleaning Gel has been shown to have a nearly 100% effect on antibacterial activity of common bacteria and fungi. Since the hands of the subjects were not significantly contaminated with the fungus during the fungus test, it was found that there was little number of fungi in the case of subjects B and C, but A had significant results.


Fungal measurement

손소독제 박테리아 실험.png
손소독제 Fungi 실험.png

General bacteria measurement.

Production facility

• ISO 22716:2007 and US FDA-OTC plant approval certification
• Retention of first-class cosmetics production facilities
• Complete color makeup and skincare line filling equipment
• US FDA-OTC plant approval certification

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